How it Works


It’s very easy!




The EPC Tour is open to established golfers, beginners or somebody who has never played before.

You are welcome to take part in the European Putting Championships Tour.

You can invite friends or play with your family at each hosted event.


How the Tournaments are played


The EPC Tour events are played over 18 holes in a Medal style of play, which means every shot is counted and you have to finish with the ball in the hole on each of the 18 holes.

The person with the least amount of shots needed over the 18 holes (lowest score) is the winner and will receive a place in the Gran Final.

There will also be special prizes on the days of the EPC Tour Tournaments awarded to the best family score.




Altogether, there are 6 categories:  Junior/Adult/Senior both Men and Women.




There will be Prizes and Trophies at each event of the European Putting Championship Tour.


Best Family Score


The best family score on the day of the tournament will also be awarded a special prize.


How to register


You can register on our website by looking at our yearly schedule and choosing the course near you.

If you are passionate about becoming Spain's and Europe’s Best Putter, you can enter as many events as you like. Every event is open for you to take part in the European Putting Championships Tour.

Just register on our webpage stating your name and details, category and golf course you would like to take part in. You will then receive a confirmation of your entry and your starting date and time for the appropriate tournament.

“It’s as easy as that”

For more details and conditions of The European Putting Championship Tour, please look in our Rules & Regulations section.

Are you interested in becoming Spain's and Europe’s Best Putter? Then this is for you!


If you have never tried or played golf, this is a great start for you to experience what golf is all about.