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"Drive for Show, Putt for dough!" -Bobby Locke


This is a phrase invented by the famous South African golfer Bobby Locke, who won four Open Championships. It highlights the fact that the putter is the most influential club in your bag when it comes to scoring and winning tournaments. Good putting is a mix of art and science and a consequence of good judgement, consistency, reliability, precision and self-control.

Introducing the EPC Tour


Why shoot 80 and 90, when you can shoot 30?

Finish the Tournament in 1 hour and not in 5!


The European Putting Championships, a revolutionary concept, are the first of their kind to be played in Spain and Europe. Boys and girls, teenagers and adults of all ages gather in unique, fun and memorable Tournament experiences under festive, spontaneous, competitive atmospheres. On the other hand, they are also an opportunity for entire families and common friends to participate and enjoy themselves at the same events.

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EPC Tour Mission Statement


The EPC Tour was created as result of the following needs surrounding the current game of golf:

  • Inclusive platform open to men and women, boys and girls of all ages
  • Popular, immediate, direct and democratic access to the game of golf
  • Fun, addictive with simple procedures, rules and regulations
  • Allows non golfers to compete in Tournament conditions for the first time
  • Cost effective attraction for entire families and common friends to participate at the same event
  • Fast paced, condensed and compact playing experience
  • Straight forward, multiple activation activities and opportunities for sponsors and different golf clubs hosting the EPC Tour
  • Full Tournament Pro experience, part of a comprehensive Tour Schedule over a full year period including a Grand Final
  • Independent activity that does not interfere with the standard operations of a golf club